men of dark intentions ~ The Bankruptcy of Canada

8 Jan

The Bankruptcy of Canada

It is agreed, with no rebuttal to the fact, that the debtor Corporation of Canada has been in bankruptcy since 1931. It has had no gold to back the paper money since 1933 when receivership for the creditor, being the World Bank, kicked in and bonded the men and women of Canada for 8 million dollars apiece.

Citizens were then classified as Bonded and were referred to as sureties for the debt, as well as fiduciaries for the legal fiction persons (strawmen/corporation) as created by provincial and federal statutes. This is where we obtain CEO Status. This is in alignment with the regulations of the Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act RSA 1982, formerly the Foreign Investment Act of Canada, 1933 and was supported by the debtor, Corporation of Canada.

In going through the COCADA the definitions are clear, and the regulations (pages 53-57) are the rewrite of the Foreign InvestmentAct of Canada 1933. That was the year of our formal Bankruptcy, and our consequent ceding to the Registry of the United States Securities Exchange Commission as per Section 11 of their Articles of Independence, and in this you will recognize the legislation permitting person owning persons.

Additionally, in the 1984 regulations, you will notice the value attached to the life of men and women, starting with 7 digits, at 12.3 % per annum annuities. This is bondage by Unaware Consent….registration effects the sale of men and women (Leviticus 25:44-50) who had their birth names altered to a dead legal fiction format.

Through the Receiver General of CANADA, and as the creditor, they own CANADA the debtor, and by relying on fraud and intimidation they extract a high degree of taxes to pay interest on this debt and controlling our birthright and share in the Corporation of CANADA.

We are CEO’s of numbered companies called (your name) in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Do your own research:

The Values of Canadian Humans at Birth – 12.3% Increase in Value/ Annum as we/theCompany/Bond ages.

And watch the Video!

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