men of dark intentions ~ “go the distance”

24 Feb





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I know the recall solution works and I know that Alex Jones has the money, the people and the reach to take it nationwide EASILY and make a huge announcement for it that would literally have the new world order demons shaking in their boots! Those new world order demons were absolutely terrified when Colorado voted out the NWO scum! I loved it! But Alex Jones totally fumbled the football and didn’t even promote the guys who scored the biggest victory in years. Alex wasn’t interested at all in their story!

Does that make any sense?


If Alex Jones was promoting recalls, not lying and censoring then he would be my hero and I would want him to be making hundreds of millions a year like the frauds like Hannity and OReilly – super traitors to this country. But when you’ve make millions per year and brag that you don’t even do all the shows and interviews you can do any more.


When you get manic and say “I want to beat these people!” but then lie, censor and ignore the recall solution that you know has already worked, then I have a problem with that and I know you’re acting just like a quarterback trying to throw the game!



If you’re a patriot then no matter if you think Alex is funny (as I do sometimes) you should be outraged that Alex has lied, censored and is doing everything to run away from the recall solution he knows all about. Paul Watson even wrote an article for VeteransToday but Alex still refuses to give US Intel any credit for their hard hitting stories!

It’s outrageous!





Glenn Canady

comment :
Thank you.  My only hope is that all Alex Jones fans will seriously look at all my evidence such as the article linked in the description of this video.  If they do that they will discover the truth and begin promoting who are the ones making ARRESTS of Illuminati scum while Jones lies and runs from all solutions such as recalls which he could have been organizing for 19 years now.




and it is not ‘it’s an inside job’ that should be the SO CALLED ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ ~



it is it’s A FALSE FLAG  ,  AGAIN ! 

indeed most of history is an interrupted journey of false flag events

by the men of dark intentions

… that is a fact !



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