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4 Oct


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 Israel: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

In recent years Marrs had been under fire from critics who revealed he had received some $200K from Israeli arms dealer Arnon Milchan (a key player in Israel’s nuclear weapons program) for the rights to Crossfire when Milchan bankrolled Oliver Stone’s film, “JFK,” which avoided mentioning JFK’s secret war with Israel over nuclear weapons and the ties of multiple alleged JFK conspirators to Israel and its nuclear agenda, preferring to suggest the events in Dallas were an “inside job.”

No, the JFK assassination—just like 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombing (and the attack on the USS Liberty)—was an “outside job.”


• More and more top-notch researchers acknowledge the Israeli connection

• It’s time to forget about those extinct dinosaurs like LBJ and focus on the real monster, which has its tentacles wrapped around the planet today

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Rothschild :

Documents unearthed by Canadian author Maurice Phillipps demonstrate beyond question that Shaw’s associate on the board of Permindex (its chief executive officer and primary shareholder), Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, was a longtime attorney for the Rothschild dynasty, particularly for Baron Edmund de Rothschild of London, going back as far as World War II.

Permindex CIA JFK research study press image link

more on Permindex Shaw Mossad connection that links to the usual suspects but makes President Johnson one of many !

How and why Clay Shaw of New Orleans ended up in the Permindex operation is no longer a mystery.



Shaw’s closest friends, who provided the funds for his defense against Garrison–the powerful Stern family, leaders of the New Orleans Jewish community–were primary shareholders in the Apollo, Pennsylvania-based NUMEC nuclear facility from which American nuclear material was illicitly channeled to Israel with the collaboration of CIA chief of counterintelligence, James Angleton, a devoted ally of Israel as head of the CIA’s Mossad desk.

Dozens of new books and reports from diverse sources purporting to bring out “the truth at last” about the John F. Kennedy assassination on its 50th anniversary are suspiciously ignoring the very real Rothschild connection to the JFK conspiracy. Right now the big push is to pin the blame on former Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The “LBJ Killed JFK” theme is rampant, even in the self-styled “alternative” media.

However, AMERICAN FREE PRESS is pleased to be the first publication ever to report on the findings of Maurice Phillipps–an otherwise unheralded researcher –who uncovered the Rothschild banking dynasty connection to a key player linked to the JFK conspiracy. Here’s the story, one which should force JFK researchers–at least the honest ones–to take a whole new look at the death of the president. Clay Shaw was the only man prosecuted for the assassination of JFK. His associate on the Board of MOSSAD front “Permindex” was Louis Bloomfield, a longtime Rothschild errand boy.

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CIA chief of counterintelligence, James Angleton, a devoted ally of Israel as head of the CIA’s Mossad desk.

Though avoiding the Mossad connection, many researchers now say Angleton was the key CIA figure in the JFK conspiracy. The Sterns also owned WDSU radio and television, which hyped Lee Harvey Oswald as a “pro- Castro agitator” at precisely the time Shaw was acting as a handler for Oswald in the summer of 1963 while Oswald was in New Orleans being set up as the “patsy” in the JFK conspiracy. So Shaw’s Rothschild–and Mossad–connection via Permindex was solidified by the Stern link to Israel’s nuclear weapons program we now know JFK was so determined to stop, another point ignored by most JFK writers.


All told, a variety of evidence indicates Permindex fronted for a Mossad operation funding Israel’s drive to assemble the atomic bomb.

A primary Permindex shareholder and the chief depository for its funds–the Banque De Credit Internationale [BCI] of Geneva–was the fiefdom of Tibor Rosenbaum, a Mossad arms procurement official referred to as one of Israel’s “founding fathers.” BCI was also chief money launderer for the crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky, business partner of the aforementioned Sam Bronfman, associate of Louis Bloomfield and the Rothschilds. In fact, Lansky’s Israeli biographers note that “after Israel became a state, almost 90% of its purchases of arms abroad was channeled through Rosenbaum’s bank. The financing of many of Israel’s most daring secret operations was carried out through the funds in [BCI].”

… [John F.] Kennedy Placed the limitation of the nuclear arms race at the center of American foreign policy. . . . Israel’s nuclear enterprise was in Direct contradiction with the principles of His policy …. The match for Ha’aretz in Washington falling on the Kennedy and Johnson Presidencies, Amos Elon, filed a report saying That background in a talk with James Reston of The New York Times, Kennedy HAD Said That in nuclear matters [Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion Was a “wild man.” 
Israeli historian Michael Karpin, The Bomb in the Basement: 
How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World 
The murder of American President John F. Kennedy-year Brought to abrupt end the massive pressure Being Applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to the discontinuous nuclear program. [In Israel and the Bomb, Avner] Cohen Demonstrates at length the Pressures Applied by Kennedy on Ben-Gurion … in All which Kennedy Makes it quite clear to the Israeli prime minister That He Will No Circumstances under Agree to Israel Becoming a nuclear state . That implied the book, Kennedy HAD Remained alive, it is doubtful Whether Would Israel today-have a nuclear option.
 -Reuven Pedatzur in Israel’s Ha’aretz, Feb. 5, 1999, Avner Cohen’s reviewing Israel and the Bomb 
But all that changed in January 1994 with the release of book Michael Collins Piper: Final Judgment :
 In this book, Piper says, “Israel’s Mossad was a major player (and critical) behind the scenes of the JFK assassination conspiracy. Through its vast resources and international contacts in the intelligence community and organized crime, Israel had the means, he had the opportunity, and he had reason to play a leading role in one of the greatest crimes of the century – and he did. ” Their motivation? The renowned Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who ruled the country since its inception in 1948 until his resignation on June 16, 1963, was so furious that John F. Kennedy did not allow Israel to become a nuclear power that in his last days in office, says Piper, he commanded the Mossad to prepare a plot to assassinate U.S. President Kennedy. 
Ben Gurion was so convinced that Israel’s very survival was threatened that he said in one of his last letters to JFK. “Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger,” In the days leading up to the resignation of Ben-Gurion, he and JFK had embarked on a discrete but controversial debate about the possibility of Israel getting nuclear capabilities. 
Their disagreement eventually escalated into a war of words that was virtually ignored by the press. Ethan Bronner wrote about this secret battle between JFK and Ben-Gurion years later in an article in the New York Times of 31 October 1998, calling it a “closely guarded secret”. 
In fact, conversations between Kennedy / Ben Gurion are still classified by the Government of the United States. Maybe this is the case because the rage and frustration of Ben Gurion became so intense – and his power so great in Israel – that Piper contends that he was the center of the conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. 
This position is supported by new yorker banker Abe Feinberg, who describes the situation as follows: “Ben-Gurion could be vicious

Peace is Treason :

The result of this shift between the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, in my opinion, the main reason behind our current problems the Middle East that led to the September 11 attacks and our upcoming war against Iraq (and beyond).I have great confidence in this statement, because as Michael Collins Piper points out, here are the results of the assassination of John F. Kennedy: 

1) Our foreign and military aid to Israel increased dramatically after LBJ became president. 

2) Rather than trying to maintain a balance in the Middle East, Israel suddenly emerged as the dominant force. 

3) Since the LBJ administration, Israel has always had weapons far superior to its direct neighbors. 

4) Due to this undeniable and obvious increase in the Israeli war machine, the Middle East is in constant turmoil. 

5) LBJ also allowed Israel to continue its nuclear development, which enabled him to become the sixth largest  nuclear force in the world.

6) Finally, our huge expenses in foreign aid to Israel (which is ultimately about $ / year 10 billion)

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beware CIA men of dark intentions [ even comment sections ]


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