men of dark intentions ‘oh oh another drill & 911’

29 Aug


UPDATE : FEB 26 2015

FCC voted to approve censorship of the internet. This is first step to close down the internet. [hidden in plain sight]…/02/episode_602.mp3 [esp 16 min mark]



Oh oh another “drill”

November’s North American Power Grid Take Down Drill

please watch: (did you know a third building fell) please watch (must watch)

(911 War on Terror Fraud – Aaron Russo) ***

barbara honegger 911 pentagon attack ‘ behind the smoke curtain’
video book on it … in 3 hours you will be an expert … do you have the time ?

scroll down to see why the world is run by filth and criminals


“The United States Government was and still is penetrated and controlled by a zionist/Israeli Fifth Column that took over the White House, Congress, The Militaries Civilian infrastructure, and the media. The level and extent of this penetration is unprecedented in history and amounts to an invasion by an unAmerican and HOSTILE force.”
General Wesley Clark, USAR, former Supreme Commander of NATO (brief history of organized crime)

New: ( fight the banksters )

make what you will of it ? needs research !




Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage with audio NOT SHOWN ON TV

This is a MUST see. It was not aired on any network news program. It contains lots of bomb detonation sounds and smoke..






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